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Most Recent Articles

Why 3T MRI Is Better…

MRI Technology has improved tremendously in the recent years. Today the new GOLD STANDARD for MRI is the 3T or 3-Tesla MRI scanner. 3T MRI is the absolute strongest, sharpest and BEST technology available for MRI imaging of any anatomy available today. There is nothing that can be done on Open Architecture scanners and 1.5T scanners that can’t be done BETTER on 3T. In fact there are now many specialty sequences and imaging that can be performed at 3T that can’t even be accomplished on the older Open and 1.5 technology. Read more about 3T MRI Technology on our Why 3T...

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Our Neurointerventional Specialist

Dr. David A. Siker completed his radiology residency and neurointerventional fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and the National Institute of Health. He completed medical school at the University of Florida, and received his bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. He specializes in neurointerventional therapies and 3T MRI. Dr. Siker was the first physician to bring neurointerventional therapies from the university setting to the community hospitals of Oregon and Southwest Washington in the late 1990’s. He is the director of neurointerventional services for Legacy Healthcare Systems, based at Emanuel Hospital. Dr. Siker performs many of the latest advances in neuro-intervention, including aneurysm flow diversion with Pipeline, aneurysm stent/coiling, AVM/Tumor embolization, intracranial and carotid stenting. As director of Neurointerventional services, he runs the acute neurointervention team for emergent treatment of problems such as ruptured aneurysms and acute ischemic strokes. 3T MRI Specialist Besides neurointerventional therapy, Dr. Siker’s other main focus is applying state of the art 3T MRI techniques such as CSF Flow analysis for Chiari 1 and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, DTI (tractography) for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI), and MR neurography, and dynamic imaging for patients with issues of their spine or associated nerve roots. These techniques are used to capture nerve tract locations in the brain, subtle neurological abnormalities throughout the nervous...

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Your MRI in HD!

As a patient YOU have a choice. Make sure you demand the best for your MRI. 3T MRI all the time, every time. 3T MRI at Siker Medical Imaging  & Intervention – The only place to get YOUR MRI in stunning HD! Siker Imaging is so confident in the incredible quality of our high resolution 3T MRI that we provide our quality...

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What Sets Siker Imaging Apart

Expert Interpretation & Comprehensive Picture Reports ALL studies performed at Siker Imaging are interpreted by expert fellowship trained subspecialty radiologists only. Studies performed here will never be read by a general radiologist. Due to the volume, quality and resolution of our advanced 3T imaging, the studies must be read by experts in their field. This allows us to us to provide the BEST quality interpretations for you and your referring physician. In addition to expert subspecialty radiologist interpretation, Siker...

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The Siker Imaging Story

AS COMPETITION AMONG IMAGING CENTERS INTENSIFIES, providers seek technology that gives them an edge. David A. Siker, MD, managing partner of Siker Medical Imaging and Intervention, Portland, Ore, found just such an advantage in the form of 3T. “The best way to compete is to offer the best imaging studies possible, and that’s precisely what a 3T magnet delivers,” Siker says. It was the desire to produce studies of the highest quality that led Siker to acquire a Siemens...

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3T in Womens Imaging

Why is 3 Tesla MRI so important in Women’s Imaging? In women’s imaging, detail is of utmost importance.  When evaluating anatomy such as millimeter-sized breast lesions, or detecting uterine anomalies, utilizing the highest resolution possible makes a world of difference. Magnetic Field Strength is one of the key dynamics that contributes to production of higher quality images, thinner slice thickness and potentially earlier detection of pathology. Magnetic field strength is measured in “Tesla” units. A “Tesla” (1T) is equal...

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Siker Imaging Welcomes new Expert Women’s Imaging Specialist!

Siker Medical Imaging and Intervention is thrilled to welcome Dr. Valerie   Hunter, MD to the Siker Imaging & Intervention team! Valerie Hunter, MD, has been a Women’s Imaging professional for 26 years, bringing a personal hands-on approach to patient care. Dr. Hunter joined the Siker Imaging and Intervention team in March, 2015, bringing her skills in breast diagnosis and biopsy, OB/GYN ultrasound, infertility imaging, pelvic floor imaging, and thyroid ultrasound and aspiration.  page She is passionate about patient care and...

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