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Always Demand 3T MRI For Your Imaging Needs

Our Neurointerventional Specialist

Dr. David A. Siker completed his radiology residency and neurointerventional fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and the National Institute of Health. He completed medical school at the University of Florida, and received his bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. He specializes in neurointerventional therapies and 3T MRI. Dr. Siker was the first physician to bring neurointerventional therapies from the university setting to the community hospitals of Oregon and Southwest Washington in the late 1990’s. He is the director of neurointerventional services for Legacy Healthcare Systems, based at Emanuel Hospital. Dr. Siker performs many of the latest advances in neuro-intervention, including aneurysm flow diversion with Pipeline, aneurysm stent/coiling, AVM/Tumor embolization, intracranial and carotid stenting. As director of Neurointerventional services, he runs the acute neurointervention team for emergent treatment of problems such as ruptured aneurysms and acute ischemic strokes....

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Dynamic (Animated) 3T MRI

Portland’s Siker Medical offers 3T MRI imaging of the cervical spine in motion, which can be a useful tool in diagnosing non compressive instability of the spine due to whiplash or other impact trauma. Offices now open on Portland’s East and West Sides....

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3D Demonstration: 3T MRI Brain With Diffusion Tensor Imaging

DTI/Tractography imaging is a cutting edge technique that allows visualization of nerve fibers.  It is used primarily for surgical planning, and is known to be sensitive in identifying nerve tract damage post trauma (healthy patient seen below)....

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Dizziness and Balance Problems: 3T MRI Brain

SYMPTOMS: The patient presented after experiencing an onset of dizziness and balance problems. During the initial exam it was revealed that the patient also had hearing changes in the right ear. After in-clinic hearing and balance testing, the otolaryngologist referred the patient to Siker Imaging for high resolution 3T MRI as well as CT of the temporal bones. The MRI included a CSF Flow study (used to measure cerebral spinal fluid velocity indicating increase or decrease in pressure). High resolution images were acquired and Dr. David Siker, Neuro Radiologist and Neuro-Interventionalist, was able to determine a number of concerning pathologies including possible NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus). Images representative of the study including labels and annotations of specific pathology are presented below for review. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: 1. Mild to moderate scattered supratentorial white matter changes. In this age group,...

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Severe Headache & Facial Paralysis: 3T MRI Brain

SYMPTOMS: The patient presented with a severe headache, facial paralysis and bi-lateral facial weakness. Patient had been previously diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. The consulting neurologist referred the patient to Siker Imaging for a high resolution 3T MRI of the brain with and without contrast. High resolution images were obtained. In addition to the MRI, a sequence was performed to screen the cerebral vasculature which unveiled a small extradural cerebral aneurysm. Representative images with pathology clearly labeled and annotated are presented below for review. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: 1. There is enhancement of the bilateral facial nerves within the IAC (intracanalicular portions), as well as at the labyrinthine portions. Findings are consistent with clinical history of Bell’s palsy. 2. The remainder of the Brain MRI with and without is normal. 3. There is a tiny (2 mm) extradural cerebral aneurysm at...

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3T MRI in Neuro Imaging

WHY is 3 Tesla MRI so important in neuro imaging? Magnetic Field Strength is one of the key dynamics that contributes to production of higher quality images, thinner slice thickness and potentially earlier detection of pathology. Magnetic field strength is measured in “Tesla” units. A “Tesla” (1T) is equal to 20,000 times the pull of Earth’s magnetic field. Therefore, our 3T MRI scanner is 60,000 times stronger than the pull of Earth’s magnetic field. Relative to diagnostic imaging machines, the 3Tesla MRI scanner at Siker Medical Imaging has a magnetic field strength ten times more powerful than that of most Open Architecture MRI scanners in use today, in turn providing much higher quality imaging at the same cost to the patient. Of equal importance to understand is that there have been dramatic improvements in the software used to collect...

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