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Always Demand 3T MRI For Your Imaging Needs

Tri-Athlete or Weekend Warrior?

Whether you swim, bike and run WAY too much or just play a little pickup basketball with your friends once a month or so, everyone’s bodies are aging. And, damage is being done all of the time. When the body undergoes too much stress, no matter your level of fitness, injuries occur. And, the older we get, the longer these injuries take to heal. What is essential to an effective healing process, primarily, is knowing the EXACT extent of your injury. Portland’s Siker Imaging always uses the highest level 3T MRI technology to help your primary physician determine what and where the injury is as well as what the proper pathway to wellness will...

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Ankle Instability & Lateral Ankle Pain: 3T MRI Ankle

SYMPTOMS: The patient presented with right ankle pain and instability. After physical examination, plain x-rays were performed which provided no definite pathology. The patient was referred for a high resolution 3T MRI of the ankle at Siker Imaging. The study was performed with the aid of a specialty 8 channel foot and ankle “ski-boot” coil. Extremely high resolution images were obtained. Dr. Don Resnick of UCSD interpreted the study and was able to make a definitive diagnosis aiding in the subsequent treatment and recovery of the patient. Representative images with pathology clearly labeled and annotated are presented below. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: 1. Lateral talar dome osteochondral defect. 2. Peroneus brevis and peroneus longus tenosynovitis. 3. Osseous bodies within the ankle joint and sinus...

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Peroneus Brevis Tendon Inury: 3T MRI Ankle

SYMPTOMS: A 42-year-old female presents with ankle pain and swelling of the left ankle. After physical examination and conservative therapy, symptoms continued. * An MRI was performed on a 3T MRI w/ an 8-channel dedicated “ski-boot” style foot and ankle coil. Extremely high resolution images were acquired resulting in a fast and accurate diagnosis and successful subsequent treatment. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: 1. Peroneus brevis split and severe tendinosis. 2. Posttraumatic lateral malleolar and peroneal tubercle changes. 3. Degenerative osteochondral irregularity of the navicular. 4. Degenerative tarsal and metatarsal osteoarthritic irregularities. 5. Chronic plantar fascia...

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Anterior Talo-fibular Ligament Tear: 3T MRI Ankle

SYMPTOMS: A 50-year-old female patient experienced pain and swelling of the ankle as well as instability after twisting her ankle and falling. Her podiatrist referred her for 3Tesla (3T) MRI of her ankle. Extremely high resolution images were obtained using a dedicated 8-Channel “ski boot” coil. Multiple pathologies were quickly and easily identified. Sample images with pathology clearly labeled and annotated are presented for reference below.   SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: 1. Type II os navicularis with likely active os navicularis syndrome. 2. Mild tenosynovitis involving the posterior tibialis, flexor digitorum longus, and flexor hallucis longus tendons. 3. Dorsolateral talonavicular ganglion cyst. 4. Chronic rupture of the...

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Elbow Pain & Bruising: 3T MRI Elbow

SYMPTOMS: Patient experienced moderate to severe elbow pain and bruising after a fall at work. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: 1. Focal flattening and very minimal enhancement of the ulnar nerve within the cubital...

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Athlete Elbow Injury: 3T MRI Elbow

SYMPTOMS: Athlete presented with acute elbow pain. No fall or other trauma was reported at the time of the visit. The patient is active and healthy, exercising frequently and plays tennis regularly. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: 1. Mild common extensor...

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