This is a perfect example of how we use multi-modality tools the same day of the patient visit to reduce the instances of “false positives” and increase accuracy in diagnosis in breast care.

Even the latest and greatest technology often isn’t enough on it’s own.
That’s why having expert specialists onsite with access to multiple diagnostic modalities provides such a immediate, accurate and reassuring service to the patient.

SYMPTOMS: The patient presented with a history of breast cancer (diagnosed two years prior) that had been treated with left inferior lumpectomy and radiation. A post-treatment MRI showed a 5 mm enhancing focus left upper outer. Patient had a negative mammogram. Mother had breast cancer at age 60. A high resolution bi-lateral 3T breast MRI was performed with a dedicated diagnostic breast coil. An expert women’s imaging radiologist interpreted the MRI while the patient was still onsite. In addition to the MRI, our radiologist immediately suggested and performed a targeted ultrasound of the left upper quadrant to further evaluate the 4-5 mm nodule that was enhancing under MRI. Below are representative images with pathology clearly labeled and annotated.


Stable nodule in the left upper outer breast looks like a normal lymph node.

Recommendation. Patient should continue monthly breast self-exams and to obtain screening mammography on schedule.