Patient with substantial pain in knee post fall.


1. Radial tear at the junction of the body and posterior horn of the medial meniscus with peripheral extrusion of the body of the medial meniscus causing mild bowing of the tibial collateral ligament with reactive fluid within the tibial collateral bursa and mechanical erosion of the peripheral aspect of the medial tibial plateau.

2. Longitudinal horizontal tear of the body and posterior horn of the lateral meniscus violating the inferior surface.

3. Focal full-thickness cartilage loss within the medial tibial plateau and high-grade cartilage loss within the posterior aspect of the medial femoral condyle superimposed on diffuse moderate-grade cartilage loss within the medial femorotibial compartment. Mild to moderate cartilage irregularity is identified within the central lateral tibial plateau as well as high-grade cartilage loss of the median ridge of the patella with adjacent subchondral cystic change.

4. Large joint effusion with fluid extending into the posterior recess and subpopliteal recess with associated thickened suprapatellar plica and synovial proliferation within the suprapatellar pouch, posterior recess and subpopliteal recess.

5.Moderate-sized leaking popliteal cyst.

6.Second smaller fluid collection deep to the sartorius muscle at the level of the medial femoral condyle representing either a ganglion cyst from the posterior capsule or a cystic collection in communication with the popliteal cyst.