Siker Medical Imaging utilizes Siemens 3Tesla Trio MRI system with TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) technology. In the field of MRI in the greater Portland metro area, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality MRI studies available. We guarantee the quality of our imaging studies and are certain than no one can beat us.

3T MRI (The MOST advanced 3T MRI equipment)

MRI is a diagnostic procedure that uses a combination of a large magnet, radio frequencies, and a computer to produce detailed, three-dimensional images of organs and structures within the body. Because MRI doesn’t use radiation, it can be a safer alternative to those patients with kidney problems.

At Siker Medical Imaging, we utilize the Siemens 3T Magnetom Trio MRI scanner with Tim Technology. Its visualization of exceptional details can help your physicians or healthcare professionals accelerate early diagnosis and treatment, helping to improve your prognosis. The Trio is accessible for everyone. For larger patients, it supports up to 440 pounds without table movement restrictions. The power of the 3T assures more detail is obtained in a quicker, more comfortable exam.

For examples of our studies, link to the MRI Studies Library of our parent website.


CT (computed tomography), sometimes called ‘CAT’ scan, uses special x-ray equipment to obtain image data from different angles around the body and then uses computer processing of the information to show a cross-section of body tissues and organs.

The CT scan is rapidly becoming the gold standard for assessing pain and other symptoms inside the body. Because the scanner can give pictures of organs, bone and surrounding tissues in great detail, diagnosing that nagging pain has become much easier.

Most scans take only minutes, are painless and require the patient just lie still on the exam table. We know you are busy! With same day appointments available, our goal is to provide patients with rapid and reliable diagnosis in a timely fashion.

For examples of our studies, link to the CT Studies Library of our parent website.