Siker Medical Imaging Services

Welcome to the services section of our website. We have designed our website with you, our customer in mind. For your convenience, Siker Medical offers users three different means to access our services and locate information on this site. At any time, you may navigate to another page or return to the previous page in an easy fashion.

Services by Body Area

If you have a particular body area in mind, you can use our interactive body image map to navigate to the area specific to you. You simply scroll over the body and click on the body part that you are interested in having imaged and you will be directed to the services we offer for that particular area. You may either choose the back side of the body for imaging on the spine, or the front side of the body for imaging body organs, chest, etc.

Find Services by Body Area

Services by Modality (or Procedure)

If you know what type of imaging procedure you are needing, you will have the opportunity to choose the modality of imaging specialties we offer including MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (Computed Tomography) or US (Ultrasound). By clicking on any modality, you will be directed to a separate procedure page with links to the different types of imaging procedures to choose from.

Services by Sub-Specialty

If you are a healthcare professional and are interested in a particular sub-specialty imaging, please choose the sub-specialty link. This link will take you directly to a page where you can choose which sub-specialty you are interested in.

Find Services by Sub-Specialty

All of the above links are easily navigable to help you find the information you need. Each page will also contain sub-navigation links to further assist you in moving throughout our website.