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120907_Siker_725_W The most advanced technology is only the BEST technology when those that own and operate it do so for the benefit of the patient and referring physician and not simply for a faster “return on investment”. At Siker Imaging, we provide a much higher quality product than those with similar technology because of the WAY in which we approach patient care and push the technology to your benefit. We promise to always provide the highest quality studies possible, guaranteed.

Since 2005, Siker Imaging has been the first true example of “Pay for Performance” in medicine in Oregon. We have always stood behind our product (our imaging studies) and have provided a “quality guarantee”. If ever there was a need to fix, change or even add sequences to any study we performed here (in order to provide the patient and referring physician with the best possible quality diagnostic data) we do so at no additional cost.

Read about our Quality Guarantee. No other imaging facility or hospital can offer the same.

Regardless of where you may be, make certain that you always demand the best. Demand 3T MRI for every diagnostic MRI study.